Melanie Stokes Artist

Melanie Stokes was born in London, raised in Scotland, studied and worked in Switzerland, France, Edinburgh, Dundee and London.

She now lives, and paints, in the historic maritime town of Penzance. She has an MA in Fine Art Painting from Chelsea College of Art.

Every passing year is a endlessly inspiring rotation of colour. Melanie’s oil paintings of gorse and woodland were inspired by seeing the bleak and blackened winter shrubs and trees erupting into a blaze of tiny petals and leaves of light and colour at the return of spring.

These paintings are derived from sketches and drawings made outdoors. Always at Melanie’s feet is her scruffy little dog Truffle and his gorgeous taller companion, Woody. Melanie has the greatest joy capturing the landscape, and her furry friends.

You can follow my Melanie’s work through Instagram and Twitter.