and thank you for finding this preliminary landing page which is available while my new Melanie Stokes Artist website is under construction.

You are welcome to follow me on Instagram and Twitter via @Sketchbookstokes and I hope you enjoy the oil paintings pictured here that I have been making recently inspired by the annual return of gorse blossom to the winter-worn hedgerows of West Penwith.

If you are anywhere near Penwith this Easter I also invite you to come and see these paintings alongside artworks by eight Founder members of the newly-formed St Just Society of Artists at Morvah Schoolhouse Gallery’s Easter Exhibition, ‘Arrival’, from Saturday 20 April to Thursday 9 May. Do join our Opening celebration from 1-3 pm on Saturday 20 April if you are able.

Construction Zone!

Please excuse any dust and rubble – this website is still being built. We’ll try to keep the noise to a minimum and avoid breaking things, but thank you for your patience just in case.

Gorgeous Gorse
Spirit of Gorse
Let It Shine!
Dark Wood and the Triumph of Light