Welcome to Truffle’s Page

I made these drawings originally with compressed charcoal and find that it reproduces brilliantly as art prints on canvas, cards, mugs and coasters. All of these are available through the shop. Watch this space for new original doggy drawings and products from Melanie Stokes, coming soon, or follow Truffle Stokes on Instagram.

Scruffy black dog character drawing by Melanie Stokes artist in Cornwall UK

‘Be Yourself’ 

scruffy happy little black dog character with red ball drawing by Melanie Stokes artist

‘New Ball’

scruffy little adorable black dog character drawing by Melanie Stokes


Adorable scruffy black character dog artist drawing

‘Some Things Are Worth Waiting For’

And Woody too!

Woody is Truffle’s big, best dog friend (unless you happen to have some roast chicken, in which case Truffle’s allegiance may waver briefly). Woody bears Truffle’s exuberance with an air of nobility, not that he’s above a bit of play fighting and charging through fields together. Next to the wild and woolly Truffle, however, Woody is a picture of grace and poise.

And he seems to have sneaked on to this page, probably while Truffle was off chasing imaginary rabbits or squirrels, or rolling in something best not mentioned (Woody would never consider rolling in anything like that!). Anyway, I think we’ll let him stay, not least because this is a dog who really seems to know how to pose for a portrait – just gorgeous!

Best friend dog characters drawing

‘Big Best Friend’

dog sniffing the air in the wind drawing by Melanie Stokes artist

‘On The Wind’

Windswept graceful dog character drawing by Melanie Stokes

‘Windswept Woody’

noble dog portrait drawing by Melanie Stokes Artist

‘Woody Lionboy Herman’