Terms and Conditions

Intellectual Property Rights

All text, software, photographs, graphics, illustrations, images, poetry, page layouts, designs, logos, copyright or other material contained on this website remains the property of the Originator at all times.  You do not have permission, except where expressly authorised to do so, to change, copy, store, publish, rent, license, sell or distribute in any way any of these intellectual property rights. You agree not to display or use copyright material in any manner without prior written consent.

Copyright of Images

Copyright for all images stays with the Artist, Melanie Stokes, at all times. By purchasing an original painting or drawing, print or any other product you become the owner of that product only. This does not give you copyright of the image. You agree not to copy, change, print, store, sell, publish, rent, license or distribute in any way any of the images on this site or on products purchased by, given to, loaned to or otherwise acquired by you in any manner without prior written consent.

Plain English

All of the above, somewhat unfriendly and potentially entirely unfathomable, wording amounts pretty much to this: Please don’t steal my stuff.

As an artist, this is my livelihood, and that of several local artists, printers, designers and other craftspeople. All the products on this site are made in the West Country, most within a few miles of my home in Penzance. We are real people, not a faceless corporation mass producing items in a factory in the far East or (insert your own, unrealistic, sweeping generalisation / rationalisation).

The images on this site are of a reasonable size and quality, and not watermarked, so that you may view them properly. That, of course, means that you could download them and print them yourself. Please don’t! If you like any of my images enough that you’d like to see it hanging on your wall, please consider buying a print, or an original drawing.

If you would like to use or modify one of my images, for business or personal use (like on a website, or as part of a logo, or whatever) please contact me to ask permission and we can discuss how that might work.